Where Does All my Money Go?

I hear constantly from my audience that people struggle with understanding "where does my money go every month?". Sound familiar? You are not alone.

The good news is, there is a way to fix this and move forward more intentionally. First I'll give you the theory behind it, a real life example, and a way for you to move forward!

In order to understand how you spend each month, and be able to commit to a good solid monthly investing amount...you must look backwards. Looking backwards at our past spending habits, brings us awareness. And ultimately, we need information so we can judge whether are spending habits are in alignment with our short and long term goals. I can guarantee that if you do this, it will reveal a surprise or two!

Surprises can look like:

“I didn’t realize I was spending that much on X”, or

“I always had the impression that Y didn’t cost very much”, or

“I always thought that I didn’t spend very much on myself, just my kids, but I do!”, or

“I didn’t realize I still had X subscription still going – I never use it!”

The surprises provide awareness and information. That information will help guide you in the future to spending in a way that aligns with you and your intentions. I’ll provide one of my most favorite examples:

One of my clients performed this analysis and was in shock and awe when she discovered that she had spent $1,400 on Uber Eats in one month! She has a husband and one child under 8! That’s a lot of take out in a month for a small family. {Sidebar, the fees on UberEats have also drastically increased in the past year or two, so that doesn’t help}. The result was she was aghast with this number, pandemic and all.

What immediately happened after she discovered this, was an instant behavioural change. She quickly put a boundary in place for herself and her family. No takeout forever would be unrealistic obviously. For her, Friday nights was the night they got to treat themselves on ordering in, the rest of the week they cooked at home together.

See? If she’d never done this exercise, she would have never known, and not changed her spending habits, or at least not on purpose. The long term impact of this is being able to divert more of her monthly earnings to her future self, and a little less to the local restaurants – and since they won’t be feeding her when she’s 80 unless she can pay, this seemed like a great outcome for her.

I really encourage everyone to do this exercise at least once, if not annually. As a check in, to see if your discretionary spending is lining up with your expectations. If you’re curious to do this exercise, click here to download the workbook and be sure to share with me you’re biggest awareness!

Much love, gratitude and money.

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