A high-touch customized coaching program designed to help you create a sustainable system with your money and make you a confident investor!



...Your money is controlling you instead of the other way around?

...You are spending too much time creating budgets and worrying about your finances?

...You're not sure how to invest or whether you are saving enough to retire?

...Despite trying, you don't seem to be saving much money?

You finally feel in control of your money, and have confidence with the spending and saving habits you've designed for your everyday life.

You have a simple process to manage your money on a monthly basis, that requires only one hour of your time per month!

You are a confident investor and are growing your net worth in a tax and cost efficient way!

You are confident that you're on track for retirement because you have a plan, and you know exactly what you need to do to get there!

You are excited about your money and your future!


Master Your Mind

Let's reprogram and heal how we feel about money, by understanding where and how our money mindset is formed.


Setting the Foundation

In this module, we look backwards at our spending to gain awareness. Then we set our intentions for our money, and commit to our monthly saving targets. I will also show you some methods for staying on track!

Master Your Cash

In this module, we will build our money system! This is the tool that you are going to use on an ongoing basis to have clarity and CONTROL over your money!

What Kind of Investor Are You?

Before you start investing you need to understand how comfortable you are with risk, how much time you have to invest, and how involved and hands on you want to be! 


What and Where to Invest?

In this module, we will learn about the different accounts and when to use them, the different types of investments!  I'll teach you what you're portfolio should look like, and how to build it, using my favorite Lazybones investing strategies!

Mechanics of Investing

In this final module, we will tie up the loose ends - learn how to buy securities in our brokerage accounts and how to read our investment statements - and other helpful tools.




  • 6 modules of detailed curriculum delivered through videos and workbooks

  • 3 1:1 coaching sessions with me for support, advice and accountability.

  • Bi-weekly group coaching sessions and support for 90 days!

  • Access to my Financially Fierce workbooks, tools and cheatsheets 

  • Unlimited messaging support

  • {BONUS CONTENT}: How to get started with Real Estate Investing 
  • A community of women to support and cheer you on!


Next cohort starts March 2023


Let me tell you a little secret.  The most important factors to financial freedom are consistency and time.  The sooner you make this commitment to yourself, the SOONER your money will literally start working for itself, and the sooner money will not be a hindrance, rather a supporting factor to living the life you want to live!