I know it's overwhelming trying to figure this money stuff out alone.  Like why isn't this stuff taught in school? 

Let's not focus on what wasn't and focus on what CAN be! I've got all the support you need here.

If you want...

To gain control of your money and get control over your life?

A plan for your future so you can retire early?

To live your life on your terms where money can enable your desires not hinder them?

I will teach you step by step how to get control over your money and grow your wealth, so you can live the life you truly desire!

If you're done struggling silently to figure out your money and frustrated because you can't rely on the big banks to give you advice that's in YOUR best interest  ... keep reading!

I came out of university with all the degrees that should have made me successful with my money.  And you know what?

I still had credit card debt in my 30s.  I still lived beyond my means. I still lived paycheque to paycheque.

I fell into the expensive big bank solutions to invest my money - realizing in my 30s I was paying so much in fees!

There's a better way....

I've learnt how to get out of debt fast.  I've designed a system to control my money (and not let it get control me!) and I've built a 7 figure net worth optimizing investing strategies and I want to show you how!

Money Clarity

A Plan For Your Future

Your Money Growing

Let's work together to create financial FREEDOM for you!

Canadian born

Digital nomad living in South Africa (for now!)

Mom to Ruby, the international boxer dog

Insatiable wanderer and seeker of adventure!

Professional bean-counter (Canadian CPA)

Financial Planner (QAFP)

Real estate investor

Home bodied extrovert

You could completely redesign your relationship with money and build wealth so that you can live life on YOUR terms!


You CAN.  Let's do this!



Do I need to ask you more than once?!  That's a "READY AF!"