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Hi! I'm a Certified Professional Accountant and JRNI certified coach with a couple of decades of corporate experience. I believe that money does not make you happy, but it can set you free. And most importantly, I believe that everyone can possess financial fierceness!


Whether you are in charge of finance budgets at work or are looking for ways to take control of your money story, Michelle can help! 


Corporate Finance Guru

Michelle works with leaders to enhance their financial acumen in their corporate or entrepreneurial roles. Professional leaders are hired for their non-financial expertise. Michelle  instills confidence to leaders while managing the financial aspects of their business. This could include: effective forecasting and budgeting tools, interpreting financial reports and results, evaluating strategic options. In conclusion, leaders will feel confident and competent managing a financial successful business unit and even enjoy sitting at the boardroom table.

Personal Finance Tune-Up

In a few short sessions, Michelle will explore your entire financial landscape with you.  After discussing your values and goals, she will review opportunities for you to make financially advantageous changes  utilizing simple, easy-to-use tools. Possible areas to explore are:  cash flow, investment ideas and options, different mortgage options, debt repayment plans, real estate ideas, registered savings plans and tax free plans, tax considerations and anything in between!

Know Your Worth

Michelle works with individual clients on financial empowerment and self worth in their personal lives. Michelle provides advice and tools for individuals to strengthen their financial acumen and level up their money story in a casual and open space inviting growth and vulnerability. Embodying financial freedom requires grounding in your own value and worthiness, so let's do the work and watch how your life will start to change in the best ways!



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Professional and Confident

Michelle is very friendly, personable, and approachable. You get the sense she authentically cares about you and wants to help you find resolution...She demonstrates a high level of professionalism, confidence, emotional maturity and strong interpersonal communication skills.

Jennifer C.

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Warm and Friendly

Michelle was such a good sounding board for me! She asked relevant questions leading to better understanding/clarity for both of us. Michelle is so warm and friendly, I immediately felt at ease with her.

Deanna S.

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Practical and Fun

I was super intimidated and overwhelmed when it came to investing. I had a huge fear of losing everything and felt silly because I thought I should know more and better....because you know, I'm smart!

I've carried a lot of shame around money over the years. Because, money is emotional! Michelle helps you with the practical and the emotional! And she makes it fun!

Jenn B.


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