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Facilitating Financial Fierceness


Hi! I'm a Certified Professional Accountant and JRNI certified coach with a couple of decades of corporate experience. I believe that money does not make you happy, but it can set you free. And most importantly, I believe in the power of financial fierceness.


Whether you are in charge of finance budgets at work or are looking for ways to invest your hard-earned dollars, I can help! 


Personal Finance Tune-Up

In a few short sessions, we’ll take a look at all aspects of your financial house, and outline opportunities for you to save or make financially advantageous changes. I will share simple, easy-to-follow tools that will show you how you can achieve your financial goals faster. Together we will also create realistic savings/investment structures that will get your money working for you in an inexpensive hands-off tool.

Corporate Finance Guru

Are you a professional that manages a corporate business unit but who isn’t entirely confident reading financial reports, or submitting forecasts? Your company believes in your ability and you should too! In just a few short sessions together, you will be financially fierce and competent at the boardroom table (not to mention less sweaty).

Know Your Worth

Money is fairly black and white. You earn it and you spend it. But self-worth is a different beast and it can have a direct impact on your financial situation. Before you can feel financially free, you have to feel confident in your self-worth. As a CPA and a certified coach, I will help you achieve both. 



Professional and Confident

Michelle is very friendly, personable, and approachable. You get the sense she authentically cares about you and wants to help you find resolution...She demonstrates a high level of professionalism, confidence, emotional maturity and strong interpersonal communication skills.

Jennifer C.

Warm and Friendly

Michelle was such a good sounding board for me! She asked relevant questions leading to better understanding/clarity for both of us. Michelle is so warm and friendly, I immediately felt at ease with her.

Deanna S.

Practical and Fun

I was super intimidated and overwhelmed when it came to investing. I had a huge fear of losing everything and felt silly because I thought I should know more and better....because you know, I'm smart!

I've carried a lot of shame around money over the years. Because, money is emotional! Michelle helps you with the practical and the emotional! And she makes it fun!

Jenn B.


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