Two in five employees are taking time off work due to mental issues, and the number one thing that people stress about is their finances! 

Want more productive and healthier employees? Invest in their financial education.  It's a proven fact, that adding a financial literacy program to your organization increases productivity, results in better employee retention, fosters happier staff and better engagement at work!  Win win!

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With over 20 years of corporate experience leading teams and implementing organizational change, Michelle partners with companies and organizations to improve employee retention and productivity by eliminating your employee's money stress.  She does this by elevating their financial literacy and confidence managing money, so they can plan for their futures and be happy today.

Michelle is a Canadian Certified Professional Accountant, a Money and Wealth coach and a Financial Planning candidate.  She is passionate about sharing her deep financial and mindset knowledge in order to elevate the critical life skill of personal finance in society, as the education systems didn't teach this.

Keynote Talks

Workshops: Help your staff understand the seemingly complex world of money

Michelle runs corporate financial wellness workshops covering the following topics: healing your money mindset and understanding its origin, how to create an easy and effective money management system so you can take your control back and stay debt free, the basics of budgeting, learning to invest, and so much more!

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10 Money Myths That are Keeping You Broke!

Becoming a Millionaire Starts with Your  Mindset

Some of the clients Michelle has worked with