Canada isn't perfect, but we have a lot to be grateful for

Jun 30, 2023


If you'd told me 10 years ago that I would spend 3 years living in 2 countries in Africa someday, I would have said you were nuts.  Living in Africa certainly wasn't part of the plan, but that is the beauty of life isn't it?  With all it's twists and turns and surprises. 


Living abroad in deep dark Africa has certainly afforded me some beautiful, amazing, hard, lonely, and adventurous experiences.  It's also given me some new perspectives.   It's definitely always easier to gain perspective when you experience something first hand, so we all need to really work hard at staying curious and open to how things may be different elsewhere.


As it is the long weekend in Canada, I am sitting in South Africa counting the days until I get home to the heat of the Canadian summer.  South Africa doesn't have a winter like we know it, but it does get down to single digits at night, and boy does the wind blow, especially living on the coast. 


I don't think I've ever been so cold for such an extended period of time as the winter's here.  Not even at home when it's -20.  South Africans just choose to suffer through the cold!  It blows my mind.  The houses aren't insulated, in fact they are just bricks and plaster.  The windows are single glazing, and there is no internal heat source (except for maybe a small propane heater that you can roll around). 


Like Canada, the days are short in the winter.  The sunrises at 7:30 and sets at 5.  Thankfully, the days are getting longer, but as soon as the sun sets, the temperature drops like a rock.  In many areas of our house - I am always cold!  No matter what time of day it is.


I've been contemplating whether the winters are worse here due to the lack of preparation, even though there is no snow or if I'd rather do 5 months of winter with snow, but be warm in my house? I'll let you know next year when I get home for good.  


Canada's birthday has got me thinking about my new perspectives and all the reasons that I'm grateful to call Canada home.


Here is my list:


As Canadians, we can pretty much travel anywhere in the world, very easily. We are welcome in most countries with a visa on arrival and can stay for 30-90 days. We are seen as trustworthy and law abiding, globally.  There are many countries where this is not the case, so travel includes an expensive and long visa process, or no access at all.


We have so much WATER!  We have never worried about running out of water.  So we have never had a supply issue, and our water is clean! We can drink from our taps (and should because it environmentally and financially makes sense!), what a gift of natural resources we have.


We have a functioning power system, good infrastructure, good schools, a somewhat functioning healthcare system, retirement benefits, child benefits, disability benefits - and it's very SAFE!


We have a stable currency and economic system. We can save and invest our money, knowing that it is relatively safe - it won't be stolen or worthless (as a result of instability and hyperinflation).


There are systems and structure in place, so that corruption is minimal. Imagine paying 40% tax knowing the government officials are openly stealing the money while the country infrastructure is crumbling?🤯  And when election time rolls around, more corruption happens and the majority of the population continues to vote for criminals.  If you think you're mad now for paying taxes, imagine how sick you would feel, if those dollars were being egregiously misused!  Honestly, the anger could possibly drive me to tax evasion.


Canada is FREAKING BEAUTIFUL! We have it all here - the oceans and the coast, the mountains, millions of freshwater lakes, space, forests, metropolitan cities, glaciers, wildlife +++


And there is only one problem...


The winter is too long and the summers are far too short!  So if we can focus on this change, that would be great.  K thanks :)


I jest, but if I can remind you of one last thing besides what a privilege it is to live in one of the best countries in the world it would be:  focus on what you can control and be grateful AF for every thing that you have in your life.  Right down to the smallest little thing.  If you can practice this almost everyday, your happiness and abundance will soar!


Happy Canada Day! 🇨🇦


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Much love, gratitude and money xx