Cut the crap and Start Spending Based on Your Values

#budgeting #moneymindset #moneytips Apr 24, 2023

My weekly email is late.  It's been a humdinger of a weekend, and I don't mean in a fun-too-busy kind of way.  My boxer is very sick.  I've never seen her this sick, and since Thursday, we did not know what was wrong.  No eating, no drinking.  Moaning.  Pacing. Vomiting at 4am. 


I have the same overwhelming feeling every time she gets sick - I always think she's going to die.  It's terrifying!


I spent much of the weekend watching over her, running back and forth from the vets, trying to get her to eat and thinking about what I was going to tell my email list in my Sunday newsletter.


This weekend has really brought my values to the forefront when it comes to how I spend money.  You see, I would spend tens of thousands of dollars on my dog to ensure a long and healthy life for her.  In fact, I have (if you ever want to drop some serious coin - try moving across the ocean with your raw fed 60 pound dog!).  And I will continue to do so, as long as she is here on this earth with me.


Money is infinite and abundant in this world.  At any given moment though, we have a finite amount that we are managing and juggling.  Between our current needs, our current wants and the future we want for ourselves.


Instead of trying to cut out Starbucks, or employ some other expense cutting tactic to reduce your spending and increase your saving - why not start by getting really clear on what you value?  


What do you value spending money on? 

What are the things that really make you happy?

Where is there waste or mindless spending happening? 

Give a joy score to all the discretionary spending you do - and anything 5 and under (on a scale of 1-10) - reduce or cut it!


Pick the things that bring you the most joy or that you really value and try to cut the shit.  

I said it - cut the shit out.  That could be attending events you don't want to, gifts because you feel obliged, spending money when you're bored or sad, spending money on things that make you feel bad, buying things and then regretting it, spending mindlessly, paying late and incurring fees.  Cut the crap.


I make trades all the time with my money, so that my money can go as far and be as enjoyable, as possible!  Sometimes I laugh at myself when I'm being so petty about something small (like taking a taxi - which I hate spending money on!!), but I remind myself that this is INTENTION at work.  This is alignment between my wallet and my values.


This is me trying to create a life that I truly love!  And I'm super clear about being work optional in the next 5 years...and this guides my daily decisions too!


So if you got this far, thank you for reading.  Feels like a small morsel today, but sometimes that is all you have🙏🏻


Ruby update:  She had more blood work and xrays this morning, and the vet thinks she has a foreign object in her gut.  Get out the cheque book!  She's having surgery this afternoon.  So keep us in  your prayers.


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Much love, gratitude and money xx