How do we think (and eventually) become a millionaire?

#millionairemindset #moneymindset #personalfinancetips #womenandmoney Feb 27, 2023

This is the million dollar question isn't it?


First things first...


Building a millionaire portfolio starts with a millionaire mindset. Read that again.


As someone who has achieved this (and is very close to $2M), I'm constantly asking myself - what have I done or how do I think differently that I can teach my client's and followers so they can move in this direction too?


Here's a few things that I've come up with:


The first one is, when extra money comes in to your life instead of asking what you can spend it on, ask what you can invest it in?


Oooof, this one is huge. This is the difference between people with wealth and without. Rich people buy assets that make money (and future cash flow), and people with little to no net worth - spend the extra money.


There is a balance here by the way...I also spend too. It's just striking that balance between your present and your future (until eventually your future becomes your present 😊).


I could go a whole lot deeper too on why we spend the way we do, our childhood patterns and trauma can be playing out here, but that's for another day.


The next one is the concept of abundance. There is money and opportunity everywhere. You must believe that and see all the opportunities around you.


Your current state is not how things will be forever. Things will change and grow. Opportunities will come. Pay raises will come. Side hustles can be built.


And so on....the only thing constant in life is change.  Start seeing abundance and more will come toward you.


The next one is education. Millionaires are constantly learning and growing. Up levelling their skills and knowledge. Trying new experiences.


Education and learning gives us confidence to try new things with our money, or try new ways to make money. It makes us strategic.


It also allows us to feel safe, in the sense that - if something doesn't work, we always know that we can start over and recreate something...because we always do.


When I started my personal finance journey, I read and read. Blogs. Personal finance columnists. The business sections of the newspaper. I ferociously learned about everything in my personal finance house, so I could make informed decisions.


You can do this in so many ways. You can do it the way I have done, you can read books, follow finfluencers (like me 🙋🏻‍♀️) and to really escalate this journey quickly - hire a coach or take a course.  


Whatever you do, commit towards some kind of learning and growing, every week, every month. Over time, things will start to shift!


Knowledge is power as they say, and when you are armed with knowledge - you can take calculated risks to make money.


Last one I will say is, find your million dollar tribe.  Millionaires surround themselves with like-minded people.  People that can teach you things. Mentors. Accountability buddies. People with similar goals. People that make you want to grow.  We will go further together. Find your tribe that wants to strategize getting to the first million!!


The tactical ways to make and grow your money are crucial, but it starts with your mindset my friend 🌟


Which one of these are you going to prioritize? 


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Much love, gratitude and money xx