I help women release money stress and become confident investors.


Are You Ready?!


You are living paycheque to paycheque.

You can't manage to get control of your money and there is never enough left at the end of the month to invest.

Money and investing seem so confusing and overwhelming.

You don't know who to trust when looking for advice on what is best for you.

You're going to be working your @$% off until your 70 to retire, because you're "bad with money".

And you're stuck in a never ending cycle of overspending, then feeling guilty and stuck with what to do.

Don't worry, I got you.  You're in the right place!

This is a safe space for all women to step into their true power and independence with money.

Let me show you how money can become an enabler in your life, instead of a stress!

If you're ready to be wealthy...(not just in dollars), but in time, freedom and an abundance of choices, let's work together. 


Ready to be WEALTHY!


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I teach YOU how to go from overwhelm and frustration with your money to building a six figure net worth and planning an early retirement! It's time to stop dreaming about the life you want to live but think you can never afford - let's start LIVING IT!

I'm on a global mission to help you take ownership of your money, your life and your financial freedom.

Because good things happen in this world, when more women have their own money.

I'll guide you into your first (or next) 6-figures of net worth with a proven system that several other women have already implemented. 

In fact, 30 women last year found $17.6 million in future retirement assets and you can too!

Are you done trying to figure it out alone? Of course you are.

Are you tired of not knowing who you can trust to give you sound financial advice that is in YOUR best interest (not theirs)? You got it.

Ready to start planning out a life of freedom and choice by making money an enabler not a STRESS? Check. Check. And Check.

Liz P., 

Nurse and Mom


Liz took her monthly savings from $200 to $900 by implementing the Master Your Cash money system. This change will result in $781,809 in additional retirement assets at 65 for Liz!

“I can't tell you how good it feels to be in control of my money, and that is all thanks to you! I could not have done all of this without your help and expertise. I'm SO glad I decided to take the leap!”


Kirsten S.,

Insurance Specialist


By learning how to invest, Kirsten was able to deploy her $77k of cash savings into investments.  At 65, this small change will result in $576,629 in future retirement assets!

"Ms. Money’s 10 Weeks to Financial Fierceness program met my exact needs; her advice helped me save more, invest more, and prepare myself for a future of abundance.  Today, I am in a place of confidence, know-how, empowerment, and future-readiness.  I conquered several goals along the way and was supported with a plan to reach more even as the program concluded.”




Carla M.,

Flight Hostess


Just by learning the different options to invest (besides using a financial advisor), Carla was able to shift her investments to  lower cost investments by understanding fees - this change will result in $95,000 of extra retirement assets in her hands instead of with the financial institutions!

“The program has truly been the best thing I could have ever done to better my financial situation. Embarking on her money system was a big eye opener that showed me where my money was going, changes to be made, and helped create a financial plan to move forward. I’m now in control of where I want my money to go, in check with my spending, and I’ve gained knowledge in making smart investment decisions I’m comfortable with. I’m loving my new money mindset, it’s empowering and truly feels great."