CPA and Certified Coach Specializing in Financial Fierceness

Is your financial situation making you sweat? Hi! I’m Michelle, a Certified Professional Accountant and JRNI certified coach with over 20 years of corporate finance experience.


I am obsessed with personal financial wellness and acumen. I believe that money does not make you happy, but it can set you free. And by that I mean, it can certainly be an enabler in moving towards a purposeful and happy life.

Five years ago, I was climbing the corporate ladder trying to fill my cup with big jobs, bigger paycheques and accomplishments, thinking I’d feel like enough, and that my life would be happier as a result. Unknowingly, I was struggling quietly with feelings of my own self-worth and had been for most of my life. If I got the next big job or designation people would love me, which may help me love myself more, right? Since then, I’ve been clearing all of the debris from around my heart to discover a place of vulnerability and self-love. I can say now with complete honesty that I love my whole self -  even the parts that don’t feel as easy to love - and my life has become profoundly more abundant in every way!


As a seasoned CPA and certified coach, I am thrilled to now be at a place where I can help others achieve their goals through confidence, self-love, and financial freedom.  After working with me you will feel empowered to live your life without fear (caveat: this doesn’t mean you won’t have fear - I still have plenty myself - it means you won’t let that fear guide your decisions and actions). Dare I say, you will become comfortable with doing what scares you; these are the moments where the magic happens.


When I’m not teaching financial fierceness, I am a ferocious traveller, a doting dog mom, and an avid cyclist that loves the freedom and exhilaration of being on two wheels with the wind in her face. 


Can you imagine how good it feels to be financially fierce? Let’s talk! 



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