10 Weeks to Financial Fierceness

Understand the seemingly complex world of money, become a savvy investor and build a six-figure net worth to fund your early & abundant retirement!


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Empower Yourself: 
Build a growth money mindset and learn to invest like a boss without ever relying on anyone else

Meet your monthly targets:
Keep a track of your expenses and savings, without spending hours looking at receipts!

Grow your wealth steadily:
Live a life you truly love enabled by having an abundance of money, freedom and choice!

Despite working so hard,

You don’t seem to be saving enough and the life of your dreams with a sizeable net-worth, fun vacations, a new home, spontaneous fun and zero debt seems far from reality!

You are sick of living on the paycheque to paycheque merry go round, never knowing if there’s enough to do things you want to. On the other hand, everyone around you seems to be getting ahead, buying properties and you have no idea what is keeping you from having such a life. You are working day and night, cutting down on expenses and hardly going out, but somehow you still can’t seem to have enough savings in the bank, and you’re tired of figuring it all out alone!

The simple answer to this is - while you’re walking towards building your dream life, your tactics are wrong. You have no idea what to do to make more money with the money you already have. And you are clueless how to effectively allocate your finances between needs, wants and savings. Overwhelmed by tons of information and unable to understand any of it, you end up being dependent on the bank, your spouse or a financial advisor that barely has time for you, to help you make sense of your own money.


With the ‘10 Weeks to Financial Fierceness’ program, you’ll find yourself making intentional budget choices, spending wisely and investing confidently! You’ll be able to commit to your saving targets, and you’ll have thorough knowledge about the different types of accounts, investments available, what your financial portfolio should ideally look like and how you can accelerate your net worth.

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What other empowered women like you are saying:

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Say goodbye to…

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Zero knowledge about money, investments, credit cards and the financial market

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Never knowing where you money is going and why you never have enough

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Feeling overwhelmed with "information overload" available online and not knowing where to start

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Worrying about money all the time and not making any progress

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Being dependent on somebody else to understand anything about your finances

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Instead, you’ll...

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Learn everything you need to know, from financial terminology to wealth building techniques

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Commit to monthly saving targets, stay on track and master you cash

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Invest confidently every month with your new found knowledge of the investing landscape, knowing you’re on track to have enough to live a life you LOVE

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Sleep peacefully knowing your money is safe and growing

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Make your own decisions wisely and enjoy life on your own terms

I want to be a Wealthy Woman!

10-Weeks to Financial Fierceness

A high-touch proven system devised from my own experiences to help you get rid of debts, stay on track with your financial goals & targets, and save enough to secure your early retirement!

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Inside the 10 Weeks to Financial Fierceness program, you’ll get:


Lifetime access to a 6-module program with 15+ hours of binge worthy videos, covering crucial money and investing concepts, types of accounts, types of investments, budgeting, saving, profitable ways to invest, building a strong financial portfolio and ways to turn your money into more (and more!) money.


Bi-weekly LIVE group coaching calls where you can connect with me for a Q/A session and discussion. Clear your doubts by asking any question about the course content, and learn from other women’s experiences to further enhance your knowledge.


Unlimited messaging support so you don’t feel stuck anywhere. Whether you feel overwhelmed by all the information you are learning or are unclear about a topic, you can drop your queries in Slack to me or the Facebook community anytime so you can continue to move towards Financial Fierceness!

Tools and Recordings

Access to previous cohort group coaching recordings so you never miss an opportunity to learn and can gain a deeper understanding and gain valuable insights.

You’ll also get your hands on incredibly helpful tools that will sort your life out: Your Financial Fierceness Workbook (net worth tracker, expense analysis, cashflow, budget, emergency fund - all in 1 place), a Credit Card Debt Repayment Calculator and a guide Credit Score: What it is and How you can Improve it.


Lifetime access to Private Facebook Community so you can interact and network with like minded women, foster friendships and learn and be inspired by each other’s experiences.  Your network is your net worth!


Get amazing bonuses worth $750, including Investing 101 Cheat Sheet & Glossary, Canadian Robo-Advisor Guide, and Emergency Fund Cheat Sheet that will act as a financial advisor whenever you need support, guide you in the right direction and help you take well-informed financial decisions.

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Stories of Wealthy Women:

The only thing standing between you and financial freedom is just 90 days of learning new and better ways to save, spend and invest your money effectively!


Master Your Mind

In this module, I’ll help you change how you feel about money by understanding the role of gender bias and societal gender roles in conditioning your money mentality. You’ll leave behind the fixed mindset and learn to strive for growth!


Setting the Foundation

This module will teach you what net-worth is, how to calculate it and why it matters. You’ll learn to perform past expense analysis, so you can see how you are *actually spending, give you a budgeting guideline on spending vs saving so you can allocate your funds efficiently.


Master Your Cash


You’ll learn what cash flow is, how to build it and steps to master your cash in this module. I’ll demonstrate how to use excel to analyze your expenses, how to keep the sheet up-to-date and how to create a cash forecast to stay on track with your targets.


What Kind of Investor Are You?

This module will lay the groundwork for investing. You'll learn the two golden rules of investing and gain an understanding of risk tolerance, risk personas, different ways to invest and understand how you can reap the benefits of compounding.


What and Where to Invest?

In this section, I'll teach you about the different types of accounts and when to use them, the different types of investments and securities, what asset allocation is and factors to consider when deciding which one fits you best! By the end of this module, you can implement one of my lazybones investing strategies, learn how to buy securities and get your money working overtime!


Estate Planning


In this final segment, you will learn the importance of a will, who needs one, and how to get one prepared.  You will also assess your life insurance needs, so that you are prepared for the worst.

Wow, I want it all!

Bonuses that will Fast-Track your Net Worth


Investing 101 Cheat Sheet & Glossary

There is a lot to remember when you're learning about investing, and a lot of fancy terms! With this Investing 101 quick fact guide and investing glossary, you can quickly and easily get a grasp of any term and erase any confusion and overwhelm!

Worth $250


Canadian Robo-Advisor Guide

This guide summarizes some of the biggest Robo-advisors in Canada. This handy chart will show you:  fees, minimum investments, special features and 1, 3 and 5 year returns - all AT A GLANCE!

Worth $250


Emergency Fund Cheat Sheet

If you have been wondering how much you need for your emergency fund, this guide will help you to determine which factors impact the amount you should have and how to calculate it.

Worth $250

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Master Your Money or Get Your Money Back

I understand your skepticism. Trusting a random program on the internet can be challenging. So, I am backing you up with a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t find the cost of this program in the FIRST YEAR by the changes you make, I’ll process a full refund.

Do you feel like…

 Your money is controlling you instead of the other way around?

 You worry all the time about money and you're not making any progress?

 You're not sure what  you should be investing in?

 You have to depend on your father/spouse/financial advisor/bank employee every time you have to make a financial decision?

 You can’t spend your money on your own terms because of your lack of financial knowledge?

 Despite trying, you don't seem to be saving much money?

Then you’re not alone…

Hi! I am Michelle, a wealth & money coach, Canadian CPA, dog lover, ferocious traveler, here to narrow the gender wealth gap by demystifying personal finances for women.

But my story was just like yours a couple decades back.

I came out of university with all the degrees that should have made me successful with my money. And you know what?

I still had credit card debt in my 20s.
I still lived beyond my means.
I still lived paycheque to paycheque
I fell into the expensive big bank solutions to invest my money.

However, after struggling a lot, I realized in my 30s I was paying so much in fees!

And soon after, I devised a better way…

Trying each and every way, failing once, twice and a couple of times more, I learned how to get out of debt fast. I designed a system to control my money (and not let it control me!). With the right practices, I built a 7-figure net worth, optimizing investing strategies. And I want to show you how I did it all.

With the 10 Weeks to Financial Fierceness program,

you’ll stop struggling with finances. Once you implement the tricks and tips of this course, you’ll be able to make and save money abundantly, spend wisely, invest profitably and be the wealthy woman you’ve always aspired to be!

Yes, I want to be a wealthy woman!

So many women have already changed their lives, it’s your turn now!

In a Nutshell, enrolling in the 10 Weeks to Financial Fierceness Program will give you:

  Lifetime access to 6 modules (7+ hours of binge worthy video content)

  Financial Fierceness Workbook (net worth tracker, expense analysis, cashflow, budget, emergency fund all in 1 place)

  Bi-weekly LIVE group coaching calls

 Lifetime access to private community

  Unlimited messaging support

  All previous cohort group coaching recordings

Along with…

  BONUS #1: Investing 101 Cheat Sheet & Glossary ($250)

  BONUS #2: Canadian Robo-Advisor Guide ($250)

  BONUS#3: Emergency Fund Cheat Sheet ($250)

And a money back guarantee

Yes, I want to be a wealthy woman!

If you don’t find the cost of this program in the FIRST YEAR by the changes you make, you’ll get a 100% refund

This program is not for you, if…


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You want a get rich quick scheme

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You aren't willing to put in the work to change your relationship and habits with money

Example Image

You want to continue helping the big banks get rich by buying into their pricey mediocre solutions (because you haven't learned all the options available to you to make your money go further)!

Example Image

You want to try to save your way to retirement (which isn't possible!)

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You don't want to retire early, you'd rather work hard forever

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You want to stay living paycheck to paycheck

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You like being in debt

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You are relying on the Canadian pension plan or Old Age Security to support you in old age

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 Feeling calm about your money, sleeping well at night because you are in control of your money and life!

 Being able to leave that crappy job, toxic relationship, take a trip or a leave when needed because you are financially on track!

 Investing every month and still being able to live joyfully the way you want!

 Being able to retire 5-10 years earlier!

 Not living on the paycheck to paycheck cycle!

 Having FREEDOM! Freedom to spend, invest, save your funds the way you like. Freedom to travel and be wherever and whenever you want. Freedom to pursue a passion project that makes your heart sing. Freedom of having the ownership of your life in your own hands!

Meet Gerry…


She had a story similar to yours - bad credit score, poor budget choices, neglected savings, increasing debt and nobody for reliable advice!

But the 10 Weeks to Financial Fierceness program turned her life around!

Gerry is a new single Mom of two boys. A teacher working and living in downtown Toronto. A woman who lives with a disease (and wrote a book about it!).

Having control over her money gave her the confidence to leave her marriage while taking my program. Gerry finally felt like she had the power to do it, and now feels like a gazillion bucks because her transition to her new life was so much easier...because MONEY wasn't a stressor, but rather enabled this transition smoothly.

She also completely changed her relationship with money, got out of debt 2 years earlier, and repaired her credit score!

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